what’s the problem

dilettantism in divisive topics

Poor awareness in the areas such as Islam and migration gives rise to contradictions that divide society. Divisive topics help wannabe-autocrats to gain power and drive attention away from the topics that may be more burning. With the public debate ruled by emotions, it is evident that the policies the policy-makers develop will be neither in the best interest of us nor all kinds of them.

who we are

knowledge boutique

We are an independent, private non-profit based in Central Europe. We are a network of academics, journalists and practitioners. Our content is created by several correspondents who get help from over four hundred consultants spread out between Berkeley, Prague and Jakarta. Most of our work is realized pro bono. Check the 2017 Annual report here.

our correspondents

what we want

curb impressions and opinions

Our aim is for the decisive majority of opinion-makers and the receptive public to share a common baseline of beliefs based on verified facts and solid research. We do not want to stand by politics based on a mixture of half-truths, touristic impressions and misleading inferences. We wish to support evidence-based policy-making.

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